The Library Story | TMC School No: 03

TMC School No: 03, English Medium

Working with the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) schools as a Gandhi Fellow has always opened up multiple learning opportunities for me. It was a revelation upon experiencing the non-existence of libraries or reading corners in the schools I worked with. When I think about it, library and books have been part of my life since childhood and have had a major role in the development of my thoughts and perspectives.

It was in December 2016 that I started an online campaign to set up a library in TMC School No: 03, and English medium school located in Yashodhar, Thane. Since then, I had been receiving books from my friends and a few unknown well-wishers whom I address as my co-enablers in the process and conducting book reading and story-telling sessions in the school. I had been carrying different books with me during each of my visit to the school and performing these sessions in different classes.

One of the earlier book reading sessions

The major constraint in setting up a physical library was that the school wasn’t having any extra room or a cupboard to keep the books safe. Neither did the school have an office room for itself. But it did have a locked room which wasn’t available to the school. Upon constant request to TMC, permission was received to use the locked room as office and another room inside for library.

The new library room

Hence today, 82 books worth Rs. 11046 was handed over to Savita ma’am, the senior teacher in-charge of School No: 03. Also, with the operational restructuring and school reallocation that happened in Thane location, I won’t be working with School No: 03 anymore and Prarthna Mandotra, my co-fellow will be. Now that the school has a separate reading space and books, I wish all the very best to Prarthna in establishing the library process in the school.

We all shine on!

A bit of show -off

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