Swaraj in the times of Corona

I have been thinking about this since some time. When I hear “the Economy is down” and see people’s apprehensions when GDP is stooping. All these were built on false foundations in the first place, is my thought.

All the economic principles are based on the assumption that humans are inherently greedy and looking out for material benefits. And that these materials or resources humans are in the run for are scarce. The whole approach is based on scarcity, that makes one see too little of themselves and others as well in the whole run for “achievement of best human potential”.

The commodification of something as beautiful as human existence has lead the humanity to be devoid of its natural beauty. Attack on nature and environment, creation of classes superior and inferior, more worthy and less worthy and so on.

It’s been almost two years since I haven’t been on a regular job or earned. I’ve subsisted on little savings and sustained by abundant support from individuals and communities. This has been the best two years in terms of the learnings I’ve had, experiments that I’ve been part of, collective dreaming, spaces co-created and relationships built. All of this was possible because I was able to both offer and receive in abundance. Being in the spirit of gift, love and compassion.

What I believe is, the answer to majority of the challenges that one observes in the modern world — concentration of power and wealth, unequal distribution of resources, class struggles, centralized systems of operations and more — is in Swaraj. Self-governance. Self-rule.

Having small and localized initiatives and business on the fundamental necessities. Food, clothing, utensils, daily use products, waste management, etc. These initiatives well connected to each other and supporting each other as well. Farmers’ markets, home industries and more.

Offering of knowledge, skills and resources. Moving from independence to interdependence, co-operation and co-creation.

I’ve been contemplating, making plans and more since some time. And now the current covid-19 situation makes me want to start working on it.

befriending cortisols

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