Social Reformers of Kerala — Part 01

The caste system and the associated discrimination and oppression was biggest of the evils that poisoned the society of Kerala. Major impactful measures in addressing the same happened in the 19th and 20th centuries. This booklet ‘Social Reformers of Kerala — Part 01’ is an attempt to look at some of the events and actions that shaped the history of social reforms in Kerala, through the lives of a few individuals.

The current booklet has accounts of social reforms propagated by Narayana Guru (1855–1928), Ayyankali (1863–1941), Sahodaran Ayyappan (1889–1968), and P. Krishnapillai (1906–1948).

This is a small step I am taking towards independent publishing. I wish to see publishing — both in print and digital — to be as common an activity as reading. This is also an attempt in making relevant information and stories of change available in the commons.

Read on and share your thoughts.

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