Ruminations from a Waking Life: Ecopsychosis

RAG: Natural disasters, pollution, global warming, resource depletion, ozone layer depletion, waste disposal, climate change, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification, genetic engineering, urban sprawl. One cause for all. Humans.

UL9: Everytime I try to vanquish off the human race from my earth, they assemble. To stop me.

RAG: I’ve lived over 700 years and seen what levels of destruction humans are possible of. Which is why I want to save my earth from ecological devastation by eliminating most of its population.

UL9: Being a few seconds in the internet made me realize what you came to know by living 700 years. Perfect environmental balance can happen only with the human race extinct. What makes you think at least some should survive?

RAG: Like the pit restores my youth, me and my league will construct everything back to equilibrium.

UL9: Construction. It can happen only with destruction. Destruction and extinction of the entire humanity. But many a times I’ve tried and failed. Maybe people in our earths don’t adhere to our dystopian worldview. But we know they are wrong.

RAG: Its the detective. He is the one who stops me all the time. I once almost desolated his city, for it was beyond repair, with all the crime, corruption and vandalism going on. He stopped me then. And again, he along with his league has stopped my biological warfare against humans multiple times. But I still see a possible ally in him.

UL9: Not to vex. This won’t run for too long. An apocalypse is bound to happen. In all the earths. Men create what they dread. Men of peace build engines of war.

befriending cortisols

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