Hello everyone!

Project Utthaan is an initiative to set up a book reading culture in both my schools; TMC School No: 54, Hindi Medium, Patlipada and TMC School No: 03, English Medium, Yashodhar. A physical library is non-existent in both these schools and lack in space, infrastructure and money to afford the luxury of one.

With Project Utthaan, I hope to provide my kids a library experience in their schools. The idea is to provide a book reading space in each classroom and conduct story telling sessions as well, which would inspire them to read more and hence aspire more.

I had earlier mentioned in one of my blog posts that when I need help and I will, seek from you. And now, it is the perfect time for that. You can support the cause in two different ways.

1) Send/Order books to:

Ashik Krishnan K,

Kaivalya Education Foundation,

B-Wing, 501-Pinak Galaxy,

Kapurbawdi Junction, Majiwada,

Thane (W),


PIN: 4000607

2) If you are a resident of Thane/Mumbai, drop by one of the schools and tell a story to the kids. Inspire them to read more and hence aspire more, by story telling.

Also, there will be three official social media spaces where you can see all the updates regarding Project Utthaan. One, a blog: www.utthaan.weebly.com. Two, a facebook page: www.fb.com/utthaanproject. And third, an instagram handle: www.instagram.com/projectutthaan.

Share books. Tell stories. Let a new hope arise.

Thanking you,

Ashik Krishnan K,

Gandhi Fellow 2016–18,

Kaivalya Education Foundation,


Mail — ashik.krishnan@gandhifellowship.org

Whatsapp — +91 8129266665

Phone — +91 8691039332

N.B: Kindly send us books in Hindi or English, which suits the age group of students from class 1 to class 8. Thank you.

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