Pitaara — unleash your treasure

‘Pitaara — Unleash your Treasure’ was a beautiful experience that brought people together to share their gifts and treasures with each other. The two days online learning festival for young learners put together by the Self Designed Learning Alliance and a few like minded people and organisations turned out to be absolute fun and I’m glad I could play a role in it.

And even though I have been hosting and being part of other online gatherings since the last few months apropos covid19, I guess this was the first time I was fully comfortable while interacting in an online space. It was as if the differences between real physical interactions and virtual interactions sublimed and entangled with each other which enabled us to transcend space mediums.

But on an other level, I find it scary as well. The crossing of reality and virtuality. Because it is real human connections, conversations, interactions and experiences that I always wish for. There is indeed an internal resistance for it to be reduced to virtual space.

The Team

Have a look at the different sessions and offerings we had at Pitaara.

Day 1 Opening
Day 2 Opening

befriending cortisols

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