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    A social enterprise that works on Menstrual Literacy, Advocacy, Policy, Programming and Sustainable Products. Executive Editor: Bharti Kannan, bharti@boondh.co

  • Rohit Jain

    Rohit Jain

    is an Independent Social Documentary Photographer from India.His work focuses on human and life development stories. Earlier he has worked with Hindustan Times.

  • Aiswarya


    I'm all about light and shadow, the eye of the storm and quaint alleys. There's always magic to be found in the unlikeliest of places.

  • K Ramnath Chandrasekhar

    K Ramnath Chandrasekhar

    Conservation Educator by passion. Documentary Filmmaker by training. Photographer by meditation. www.ramnathshekar.com

  • Rishabh Verma

    Rishabh Verma

    I lead NavGurukul.org where we are creating a meaningful alternative to college for the underprivileged.

  • S.R.Praveen



  • Prashant Abhishek

    Prashant Abhishek

    Thoughts on education, entrepreneurship and living. Co-founder at AltCampus (https://altcampus.io)

  • Mihir Pathak

    Mihir Pathak

    Project-Based Learning Facilitator & Drama in Education Enthusiast

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