Exploring Swaraj. The idea of hosting such a study circle came up as my response to the plural crises that I see in the world today. To see how one can move towards self-governance and self-reliance at both individual and societal levels, imbibing the spirit of co-creation and cooperation. The idea was to see what the collective intentions are and where the collective energy is, in responding to the crises.

This has been a highly rewarding journey of over two months, with an amazing group of people, delving into plural ideas and practices on claiming and reclaiming one’s Swaraj.

We together explored the crises of our times, multiple aspects of self-governance, self-reliance, self-rule and sovereignty, the need for localization, supporting communities and more. Not just in philosophy, but at individual and interpersonal levels, what each of us are in the capacity to do in moving ahead in the wanted directions and how we can support each other in journeying towards the same.

As an extension, some beautiful projects are in the process of co-creation and I inquisitively look forward to how they are manifested. Grateful to all those who were part of this little initiative.

The First session of ‘Exploring Swaraj’
The penultimate session of ‘Exploring Swaraj’

Sharing a list of questions that can be engaged with individually or in group to journey towards exploring your ‘Swaraj’.

  1. What are the crises of the times we live in? What is my current response to the same?
  2. What is my current understanding of the term ‘Swaraj’?
  3. What is the kind of future I envision for myself? What are the systems that should be in place?
  4. How do I define ‘My Swaraj’?
  5. What am I in the capacity to do, to claim/reclaim my ‘Swaraj’?
  6. What external support in terms of skills, resources, knowledge do I require to claim/reclaim my Swaraj?
  7. Can I share my skills, resources and knowledge freely to receive the ones that I require?
  8. What systems and projects can I create / co-create with my people to journey towards the future I/we envision?

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