ACKs for my schools; A wish

My youngest remembrance of Amar Chitra Katha comics is that of reading them at the Thrissur Public Library as a lower primary kid. My father used to take me to the Public Library at Town Hall, Thrissur on Sundays. And mother, on certain Saturdays. While they searched for books to be taken home, I would sit and read ACKs and Tinkle Digests in the children’s section. Even though I never bought any ACK comics as a child, I’ve always had a chance to read them as I wished.

Time flew by, I grew up and never bothered to read ACKs and Tinkles anymore until recently when there generated in me, a nostalgia for these comics. It started with ‘liking’ the facebook page of the Amar Chitra Katha Studio. I also happened to win one of the crossword competitions that was held on the facebook page and was gifted with two ACK titles.

Starting from the creator Anant Pai selling the first of the comics on the streets to the most subscribed children’s comic in India, the ACK Studio has a legacy to tell. I was gladdened at the news that ACK comics will be introduced in ICSE schools as part of the school curriculum. But saddened I was, on being born early and hence missing out on the opportunity.

Now that I work with two of Thane Municipal Corporation schools as a Gandhi Fellow, I wish my kids here to gets this opportunity they deserve. Both the schools I work with lack a library environment. And hence I’ve launched the campaign ‘Project Utthaan’, an initiative to set up a book reading and story telling culture in my schools. I’ve now started receiving books from my friends and co-enablers and I hope to receive more of ACK comics. The best part of comics is that the pictorial method of story telling is an everlasting one. I see comics as the best doorway to literacy. It entertains and imparts knowledge at the same time.

Kindly support the Project Utthaan Initiative by sending books to:

Ashik Krishnan K,

Kaivalya Education Foundation,

B-Wing, 501-Pinak Galaxy,

Kapurbawdi Junction, Majiwada,

Thane (W),


PIN: 400607

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